07-Liang-Kung Chen《Health and wellness in an Aged Society》


《Health and wellness in an Aged Society》


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The world is moving towards a more aged society, with Asia being at the most rapid pace. Since 2018, Taiwan has also officially become an Aged Society. It is estimated that by 2026 it will become a Super-Aged Society. As aging is inevitable, it is important to pay attention to health maintenance and upkeep. Prof. Liang-Kung Chen’s Research Team focuses on persons above the age of 50. With the use of brain images, a “brain age” will be derived in order to create an aging trajectory for early detection, maintenance, and self-management. The threefold aims include: 1.) creating a life and bio-signature; 2.) Using AI to diagnose age-related disorders; 3.) create a value-based & AI Health Care Model. The research team aims to create a new global standard for older persons to change the quality of life in the future, and to establish Taiwan’s place in the world of AI and Gerontology. Academically, our aim is to become the premier model for AI and gerontology. Economically, upgrading industry using the new definition of aging (including biomedical fields, IT, and traditional trades), are keys for Taiwan to excel. In 2019, partnering with nVIDIA, the research team participated in the Predictive Analytics Competition and received placed 4th worldwide, 1st place in Asia.

For more information on Prof. Chen’s Research Team: http://aibmrc.csie.ncku.edu.tw/index.php/en/ourgroup-eng/70-lkchen-eng

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Text: Ms. Yen-ling Chen   2020.01.30      Translation: Rebecca C.

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