10-Meng-Ru Shen《Preventing Colorectal Cancer Relapse/// AI Treatment Gameplan》

《Preventing Colorectal Cancer Relapse/// AI Treatment Gameplan》


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Many well-known celebrities in Taiwan have passed away from colorectal cancer in recent years, putting it in the spotlight and raising more awareness towards detection and prevention. This type of cancer is difficult to diagnose during early stages. Often time it’s already in stage 3 when symptoms surface. The government reminds those at high risk to take precautions and routinely get checked in order to lower the risks. The sooner the detection, the higher likelihood of a cure and high survival rate. More importantly, postoperative prevention and follow-up care. Recurrence or metastasis within 5 years occurs in about 30% of patients. The current clinical data and pathological tissues are unable to fully predict recurrence. In the era of smart technology, innovative methods and advanced technologies can possibly assist with diagnoses.

Dr. Meng-Ru Shen’s research team has established a database which assesses the recurrence risk of colorectal cancer and develops a treatment strategy for high-risk patients. Additionally, a cancer gene kit is in development to collect tumor DNA in the patient’s blood to track signs of recurrence.

Establishing clinical data, genetic genomics, computer tomography data, cell histopathology data, microbial genomic data, cancer tissue genomic database and blood circulation genomic molecular markers into the database. Organizing a cross-disciplinary research team, including capital workers, biostatistics, medical experts to study cancer genomics. And through the big data database, a genetic artificial intelligence software module was established to assess the recurrence risk of colorectal cancer, and to develop a new treatment strategy for high-risk group of colorectal cancer patients. In addition, a colorectal cancer gene kit will be developed to collect circulating tumor DNA in the patient's blood to track whether the patient has signs of recurrence.

👨⚕️More information on Dr. Shen’s Research Team can be found at:http://aibmrc.csie.ncku.edu.tw/index.php/en/ourgroup-eng/187-meng-ru-shen

Text:Vivi Chen 2020.01.06  Translation: Rebecca C.

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