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Second Year Project Plans



Second Year Project Plans



 《Yung-Nien Sun》
AI for Medical Device: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Identification Using CNNs


 《Jung-Hsien Chiang》
Constructing a Hybrid Interactive Learning-based Inference Mechanism for Homecare Robots and their Applications for Elderly Users and Patients with Diabetes


 《Chung-Cheng Chang》
Applying artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to implement a practical Smart Cage Aquaculture Management System


 《Darsen Lu》
Neuromorphic Circuit Validation Platform for Biomedical Image Computation


 《Shiann-Rong Kuang》
A Highly-Integrated Power-Efficient Underwater Observing Device


《Pau-Choo Chung》
AI Medical Devices: Liver Biopsy Image Analysis


《Liang-Kung Chen》
Constructing Healthy Living in Super-Aged Society by Artificial Intelligence:From Geroprotective Intervention to Care Management


《Chuan-Kang Ting》
Artificial Intelligence and Ethics


《Sheng-Fu Liang》

Development of Intelligent Neurofeedback Training and Sleep Enhancement System


《Meng-Ru Shen》

Integrating clinical and genomic profiles to develop the therapeutic strategies for high risk colorectal cancer via big bio-data analytics


《Yu-Te Wu》

Artificial intelligence driven automatic tumor detection and follow up, and precision medicine model for acoustic neuroma


《Tsung-Ren Huang》

Development of socially interactive and emotionally sensitive artificial intelligence systems using big and thick behavioral and neuroimaging data


《Ja-Der Liang》

Artificial intelligence assisted prediction system of Hepatocellular carcinoma treatment efficacy and post treatment recurrence


《Min-Wei Huang》

Development of AI assisted assessment and intervention system based on the culture contextualization for care of people with neurocognitive disorder




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