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Doctor Min-Wei Huang



Project Name

Development of AI assisted assessment and intervention system based on the culture contextualization for care of people with neurocognitive disorder


Project Intro

The project integrates all units including clinical physical and mental health practice, medical engineering, information engineering and social welfare. An innovative artificial intelligence-assisted assessment and treatment system of dementia care based on cultural context will be set up by the cross-disciplinary teams with AI technology. The system establishes early intervention mechanisms for early detection of dementia and build up measurements to improve personal cognitive function, emotional state, social and daily behavioral functions. The project is expected to establish a set of medical detection records and evaluation system with subjective clinical questionnaires and objective measurement techniques, including functional magnetic resonance imaging with clinical questionnaires to realize the association of individualized impairment in patients with dementia (sub-project 1), and to build physical fitness with behavioral analysis and interactive response measurement through the concept of ecosystem (sub-project 2), and to collect neurophysiological responses to emotional regulation of dementia populations in combination with emotioninduced experiments consistent with local ageing groups (Sub-project 3). Finally, to construct an environmental interactive board game system based on technology aids, providing an supportive tool that can be used to detect theinterpersonal social skills of the dementia (Sub-project 4). This integrated program seeks to integrate the best gold-level assessment indicators for the detection and assessment of dementia populations from a multi-faceted concept, as well as a personalized and personalized clinical prescription and training program for the demented elders (Master plan and various sub-projects). The field will be built according to each level of care center and the location will be expanded. The plan includes the Yunlin Chiayi area and foreign areas, and the use of big data in series to establish the use of AI technology in clinical prescriptions (Sub-project 5). This will enable us to cultivate AI-capable medical engineering and information professionals, as well as caregivers who can use technology care, in order to provide and develop a diverse, integrated, evidence based and scalable evaluation service or evaluation model.


Project Host


Principal Investigator

 Min-Wei Huang Doctor

Psychiatry, Chiayi Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital


Co-Principal Investigator 

Ya-Han Hu, Professor

Management Information System Dept, CCU


Hsien-Chang Wang, Assistant Professor

Digital Contents Design Dept, CJCU


Ji-Jer Huang, Associate Professor

 Electrical Engineering Dept, STUST


Chun-Ju Hou, Assistant Professor

 Electrical Engineering Dept, STUST


Yen-Ting Chen, Associate Professor

 Electrical Engineering Dept, STUST



Host's Public Contact Method

Phone:05-2359630 #1015

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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