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Liang-Kung Chen


Project Name

Constructing Healthy Living in Super-Aged Society by Artificial Intelligence: From Geroprotective Intervention to Care Management


Project Intro

Population aging is a global trend and impact, and Eastern Asia ages faster than other continents. In particular, Taiwan will become the oldest country in the future. World Health Organization published“World Report on Aging and Health”, which highlights concepts of

healthy aging through strengthening the intrinsic capacity and functional ability. This project aims to construct the “life and bio-signature” to measure biological aging through the extensive research data from community aging study and the newly collected research data

from “Longitudinal Aging Study of Taipei” to promote AI research from 3 aims.

Aim 1 focused on the declines in physical and cognitive function to clarify the trajectory of aging, which combines demographic characteristics, qualitative interview data, and innovative data from omics study, as well as real-time data from wearable devise and air pollution. Strategies for healthy aging will be generated through AI results. Aim 2 focused on trivial neurodegenerative phenomenon for early detection and to construct the novel “brain age” via AI development as the reference for early neurodegenerative processes/ Aim 3 focused on

the AI-assisted health care management that using big public health data to generative patterns for health care management for older people and the introduce “value-based health care” in selected hospitals to explore the health care outcomes and to validate the life and bio-signature developed in Aim 1 as the marker of biological aging.


Project Host



Liang-Kung Chen





Ching-Po Lin

Institute of Brain Science, National Yang-Ming University


Distinguished Professor

Ting-Fen Tsai

Department of Life Sciences and Institute of Genome Sciences


Associate Professor

Fei-Yuan Sharon Hsiao

Department of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University


Website To Link

Website: Aging and Health Research Center


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E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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