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Darsen Lu



Project Name

Neuromorphic Circuit Validation Platform for Biomedical Image Computation


Project Intro

Within the past few years, deep learning have been successfully applied to a wide variety of problems in artificial intelligence. However for very large biomedical image computation problem such as MRI, the training of neural networks will take significant amount of time. The use of GPU is proven to improve the performance of deep learning multi-fold. It essentially overcomes the von-Neumann bottleneck wherein computation is limited by the transfer of data from memory to the CPU. Dedicated neuromorphic IC with non-volatile memory devices and very simple circuitry, with characteristics similar to the biological neurons, enables further massive parallelization. In additional to large-scale bio-medical image processing, IoT device also benefits from deep learning hardware by consuming much less energy. Popular candidates for artificial synapses include resistive RAM and phase-change RAM. The simulation of such system is challenging due to cross-level of abstraction simulation requirement and the need to simulation a large system.

In this proposal, in collaboration with NCHC, we would like to build an open simulation platform for neuromorphic circuits to enable design exploration by academic and industry users in Taiwan on both the AI platform and AI application fronts. We would also like to utilize this platform the explore and compare different approaches, including the impact of device and circuit on learning outcome. Finally, we would like to estimate the speed-up from hardware for deep learning on MRI data.


Project Host



Principal Investigator 

Darsen Lu, Assistant Professor 

Department of Electrical Engineering



Co-Principal Investigator

Nan-Yow, Chen, Associate Research Fellow



Wen-Jay Lee, Associate Research Fellow



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Host's Public Contact Method

Tel:(06) 275-7575 #62427

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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