Medical Materials Startup Regulations & Instructions
Legal Consultation and guidance for medical devices not on the market or currently being developed.
Innovative and Entrepreneurial Counseling
Experts are invited to serve as entrepreneurial consultants to provide consulting and guidance for entrepreneurial concerns and needs.
Market Analysis & Evaluation Consultation
Market Analysis, business model evaluation, product clarification & market positioning, and formulation of strategies.
Commercial Marketing Consultation
Consultation services such as strategic formulation and planning proposals for commercial marketing plans.
Patent Structuring Consultation
Patent layout refers to the arrangement of patent applications, such as: Should patents be filed for newly developed technologies? When? What kind of patent do I need to apply for? Where to apply? The above are all part of the patent layout. A complete, appropriate patent layout has a huge impact on commercialization and industrial development.
Intangible Asset Valuation
Provide intangible asset valuation services. Evaluation objects include patented technology, business secrets, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, certifications, franchise rights, customer lists, etc., to assist the startup to understanding their own value.