Development of Intelligent Neurofeedback Training and Sleep Enhancement System

Principal Investigator |  Sheng-Fu Liang

Professor of Dept. CSIE, NCKU

Constructing Healthy Living in Super-Aged Society by Artificial Intelligence: From Geroprotective Intervention to Care Management

Principal Investigator | Liang-Kung Chen

Professor of AHRC, NYMU

Constructing a Hybrid Interactive Learning-based Inference Mechanism for Homecare Robots and their Applications for Elderly Users and Patients with Diabetes

Principal Investigator |  Jung-Hsien


Professor of Dept. of CSIE, NCKU

Development of AI assisted assessment and intervention system based on the culture contextualization for care of people with neurocognitive disorder

Principal Investigator |  Min-Wei Huang

Professor of Psychiatry, Chiayi Branch,

Taichung Veterans General Hospital