AI for Medical Device: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Identification Using CNNs

Principal Investigator |  Yung-Nien Sun

Distinguished Professor of Dept. CSIE,


AI Medical Devices: Liver Biopsy Image Analysis

Principal Investigator | Pau-Choo Chung

Distinguished Professor of Department of

Electrical Engineering

Integrating clinical and genomic profiles to develop the therapeutic strategies for high risk colorectal cancer via big bio-data analytics

Principal Investigator |  Meng-Ru Shen

Professor of Pharmacology Dept, NCKU

Artificial intelligence assisted prediction system of Hepatocellular carcinoma treatment efficacy and post treatment recurrence

Principal Investigator |  Ja-Der Liang

Doctor of Division of Gastroenterology,

Dept. Internal Medicine, NTUH

Artificial intelligence driven automatic tumor detection and follow up, and precision medicine model for acoustic neuroma

Principal Investigator |  Yu-Te Wu

Distinguished Professor Institute of

Biophotonics, NYMU

Neuromorphic Circuit Validation Platform for Biomedical Image Computation

Principal Investigator |  Darsen Lu

Assistant Professor of Department of

Electrical Engineering