Meeting with the Editor-in-Chief

Meeting with the Editor-in-Chief

【 Meeting with the Editor-in-Chief 】

What on earth will the kind of research topics be fitting me? How does others choose their topics so quickly?

Where are the research resources at? Am I eligible for them? What should I do?

The thesis is finally done, but which journal would be better to publish? What do I need to know before submitting?

Every researcher once had more or less of these confusions, but that’s fine.

Good news to these partners who want to know the academic research trends and the direction of your paper submission.

Recently, the MOST Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Research Center (AIBMRC) publishes the brand-new series of “Meeting with the Editor-in-Chief.” We’re glad to have Dr. Chiu Yu-Hsien hosting and exclusive interviewing several chief editors in various leading journals. These experts will share their experiences in detail of how they overcome challenges in their fantasy journey of research.

The series of “Meeting with the Editor-in-Chief” are expected to be broadcasted in the MOST AIBMRC YouTube channel in the following few days. We welcome everyone to follow and subscribe our official channel.